Featured Candidate Post

Trying out a new posting this week to supplement the usual jobs update.

This is an area practitioner with some solid experience who is looking to transition into a more fulfilling role.  His name has been removed for confidentiality, but if you have an opening and are interested in speaking with him, please feel free to reach out.

Want to be the next “featured candidate” on the site?  Just let me know…

Forward Thinking Mar-Com Pro Seeks Marketing/PR Mgr Position

Skills and Experience:
Forward-thinking marketing, communications and public relations professional with a unique combination of creativity and analytical skills. Strong ability to multi-task and excel within a team setting to deliver high quality results.

My experiences have allowed me to become a well-rounded professional with the ability to take on new challenges and adapt to the ever-changing business environment. I have a strong understanding of the importance of one’s brand and developing new methods for continuing success and growth of a company’s bottom line.

Key Highlights:
• Successfully managed a half-million dollar marketing budget
• Strong writing skills as a corporate newsletter editor
• Strong relationships with local media.
• Website development and management

About Me:
I am a huge fan of everything Buffalo including the Bills, Sabres, golfing, food and our four beautiful seasons. I have a great sense of humor and an amazing, supportive family.

My Optimal Opportunity:
I am looking for marketing or public relations manager or coordinator role where I will be given autonomy as well as an opportunity to meet benchmarks and surpass expectations. Ideally, I’m searching for a position with a growing company that needs someone to tackle their PR, marketing, and advertising portfolio, and possibly even contribute in a sales or business development capacity as well. I have the ability to adapt to any business or industry and always willing to take the extra steps to exceed expectations. I have proven to be an asset throughout my career and will continue to be for your organization.

Salary Range:

Interested in this Candidate?
E-mail md@amdgpublicaffairs.com for more information.

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