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Seasoned event manager with expertise in government, development, public relations and marketing, seeks exciting new chapter

Today’s candidate is a dynamic professional who started his/her career working for the NYS Assembly and the late US Senator Daniel P. Moynihan, moved into fund raising, advertising sales and event planning.  The candidate seeks a position in an organization that will capitalize on his/her strengths and considered an integral part of the team.

The candidate’s name has been removed for confidentiality, but if you have an opening and are interested in speaking with the candidate, please feel free to reach out. Want to be the next Featured Candidate on this site?  Just let me know…

Skills & Experience

Very good at getting to the heart of a project or client’s need. Quick study: able to read people well; listen and synthesize a plan quickly and put it into action.  Budget conscious, cultivated a helpful network of colleagues; resourceful, and able to straddle the careful line of working with volunteers and board members.

Key Highlights

  • Helped launch Leadership Buffalo 25 years ago.
  • Served on the boards for the early years of Taste of Buffalo and the Allentown Art Festival.
  • Directing protocol for the World University Games in 1993 led to fundraising stints at UB, the BPO and the United Way.
  • While selling advertising at Buffalo Spree, rose through the ranks to become Buffalo Niagara Event Professionals president, where the candidate led them to attract a more regional membership.
  • Coordinated all of the opening events of the new Burchfield Penney Art Center, which included a 31-hour simultaneous opening weekend that attracted thousands.

About Me

This candidate was a “Buffalo Booster” long before it became mainstream.  Always watching, participating and running events, showcasing the best of Buffalo.

My Optimal Opportunity

I would love to combine my passion for venues and running a successful event with an organization or company’s goal; whether it is to raise money or friends, honor an employee, or showcase and educate the public about what they do.

Salary Range


Interested in this Candidate? 

E-mail md@amdgpublicaffairs.com for more information.

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