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Ambitious Recent Grad Seeks Experiential or Brand Marketing/PR Role

Today’s candidate is an ambitious recent college graduate who is excited about beginning a career in experiential or brand marketing/PR.  This candidate spent his/her first summer out of college working at a NYC-based ad agency and also completed a marketing internship with Tops Markets.  The candidate’s name has been removed for confidentiality, but if you have an opening and are interested in speaking with the candidate, please feel free to reach out.

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Skills & Experience:

Highly trained in networking and engaging with individuals of all ages.  Strong brand communications skills.  Excellent group leadership and collaboration.  My background in marketing and psychology has given me invaluable people skills and experience in relating to different audiences.

Key Highlights:

  • Co-founded Buffalo State Marketing Club.
  • Participated and helped execute Tops Taste of Buffalo and Tops 5K Run.
  • Responsible for set up and break down of events as well as interacting and promoting non for profit organization- Buffalo CarShare.
  • Kept social media outlets up to date and interact with users for Valpak clients.
  • Temporary job placement at an ad agency in NYC for the summer of 2013, gave me an incredible amount of experience and ability to learn and adapt quickly.

About Me:

A young, ambitious and conscientious individual who has a strong passion to combine my love for traveling and meeting people with my career.  Looking to further myself with knowledge and experience.  Strong willed and very personable.

My Optimal Opportunity:

To find a potential opportunity where I will be able to travel and interact with people.  Looking to become the “face” of a product or brand and help with marketing.  Would love to travel nationwide and attend different events to market.

Interested in this Candidate? 

E-mail md@amdgpublicaffairs.com for more information.



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