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Paid Summer PR Internship Job Opening

amdg_logoJoin the AMDG Public Affairs team!

AMDG Public Affairs has an opening for a paid PR summer internship.

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AMDG Internship Job Description Summer 2014.

About AMDG Public Affairs

AMDG Public Affairs, located in Buffalo, NY, provides tailored public relations services that help clients navigate the difficult and demanding intersection of media, social marketing, government, and grassroots engagement in the digital age. The consultancy’s core mission is to become trusted, long-term client advisors, while at the same time demonstrating a commitment to growth, sustainability, and community service. Current AMDG clients include the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission, the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority, Welke Customs Brokers, the Canadian American Border Trade Alliance, 43North Business Plan Competition, the Valley Community Association, Canisius High School, Chason Affinity Companies, Sonwil Distribution Center, Montante Solar, the Health Foundation for Central and Western New York, and many others.

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Featured Candidate Post

Well-connected broadcast professional seeks to spread their wings as writer/communications professional

An experienced media professional from the Canadian side of the border, this candidate is well-positioned to transition his/her expertise into a communications or public relations role. The candidate’s name has been removed for confidentiality, but if you have an opening and are interested in speaking with the candidate, please feel free to reach out.

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Skills and Experience:

Exceptionally organized and detail-oriented broadcast media professional on Canadian side of the border with a desire to succeed in a new, creative and vibrant environment.  Very creative with a strong sense of humor and quickly and confidently able to problem solve and make decisions, meeting tight deadlines and multi-task either independently or in a team environment.

The candidate’s experience in roles such as radio host, producer, interviewer, and interview booker have positioned him/her well to adapt quickly to new, challenging environments.  The candidate’s expertise in promoting a strong local brand on the streets of Niagara has made the candidate passionate about the need for a clear brand message and the importance of a positive public image on all levels.  This candidate knows the value and meaning of integrity when dealing with clients and the general public on need a daily basis.

Key Highlights:

* Experienced writer for blog posts, websites, corporate newsletters, and covering the Niagara arts scene for many years.

* Well-connected with local politicians, officials and public employees in all levels of government to successfully manage their messages to the media.

* Demonstrated persuasive, persistent and professional approach to getting interview commitments.

* Trained and mentored young aspiring broadcasters with tact and patience.

About Me:

I am a frequent supporter of the arts and local arts organizations including Shaw Festival, Niagara Symphony, Lyndesfarne Theatre Projects and others.  Active at the Walker Family YMCA and Lincoln County Humane Society.  Big booster of Niagara and all the opportunities to be experienced here.

My Optimal Opportunity:

While broadcasting will always be in my blood, there is life beyond the studio.  I am looking for a new position that allows my writing talents to shine through as I work with a similarly dedicated team to create the ideal image for a growing local business looking for clarity and integrity in their brand image.  I’m adaptable to new positions as communications, public relations or marketing professional.  I am first and foremost a story-teller, able to write clearly and concisely in order to get a client’s message out in an accessible manner.  I have earned the respect of my peers as well as managers, and have been a hard-working, dedicated and loyal professional throughout my career.  I will continue with that high level of commitment for your organization, no matter what the size.

Salary Range:  

$35,000 to $45,000.

Interested in this Candidate? 

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